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Relaxino Bike - £4.00 per hour

£4.00 per hour
£4.00 per hour
The Relaxino is a semi-recumbent tricycle and is designed to be stable and manoeuvred intuitively. It is steered by means of two handles or it can be adapted to allow steering via the upper body or thighs. The low centre of gravity safeguards against overturning and enhances handling. The Relaxino feature seven gears which the rider can select using a twist grip mechanism. There are several gearing options to choose from including a reverse gear. If the rider cannot maintain ninety degrees or greater at the knee joint, the Relaxino is ideal as you can pedal with your legs in an extended position. Other options include a body steer version and adapted controls for limbless riders.

This model is also suitable for riders who have Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, people with balance impairment or for amputees. Age range: 11 to adult. New Forest Inclusive Cycling has one Relaxino on its fleet.

Neon Tricycle - £4.00 per hour

£4.00 per hour
£4.00 per hour
The Neon tricycle is a reliable and stable choice for children aged 4 to 14 Years. It can be adapted with support accessories to accommodate different abilities. The Neon has a low centre of gravity and a low, stable riding position. The 16″ wheel neon can be upgraded at a later stage using telescopic tubes, larger forks and wheels, therefore prolonging the tricycles useful life.

Support accessories include: rear parental steering system, back supports, footplates and splints to control the child’s ankle/foot relationship. The Neon features front v brakes, rear drum brake, twist grip gear selection and fixed or freewheel pedalling options New Forest Inclusive Cycling has one Neon on its fleet.

Li'l Excelerator Bike - £4.00 per hour

£4.00 per hour
£4.00 per hour
Stable and manoeuvrable, this kid-sized handcycle is safe for even the first-time handcyclist. The trouble-free 7-speed hub, with reverse braking, means your child’s hands never have to leave the pedals. The Li’l Excelerator is an upright style handcycle that makes transferring in and out of very easy.

Totally adjustable, the Li’l Excelerator will fit children 106cm to 157cm tall / Approx 6-10 years; featuring a simple fore-aft sliding seat, uncomplicated adjustable footrest system and straightforward crank height adjustment. New Forest Inclusive Cycling has one Li’l Excelerator on its fleet.

Excelerator Bike - £4.00 per hour

£4.00 per hour
£4.00 per hour
Stable, manoeuvrable, and easy to transfer into and out of, the Excelerator can go up to 15 mph. The smooth Shimano shifter lets you tackle hills or level terrain with equal ease. The 7-speed Shimano hub, with reverse braking, means your hands never have to leave the pedals. The tri-pin quad handpedals is a popular option for those who have impaired hand function and the mountain drive transmission is great if you have low endurance or steep terrain to climb.

Totally adjustable, the Excelerator features a simple fore-aft sliding seat, uncomplicated adjustable footrest system, straightforward crank height adjustment with a fully adjustable chain tension idler so there is no need to add or remove chain links. Optional Top End V cranks can provide even more power and clearance. With a weight capacity of 158Kg, everyone can ride. Ages: 11+ New Forest Inclusive Cycling has one Excelerator on its fleet.

Duo Bike - £7.00 per hour

£7.00 per hour
£7.00 per hour
The Duo provides a stable tandem riding experience and is suitable for people of all abilities who want to cycle together. This versatile tricycle allows either or both riders to participate in steering and pedalling. The Duo is an ideal bike also for children with visual impairment and enables them to feel the steering sensation. The front steering system can be disengaged for children with moderate to severe learning disabilities, yet enables them to enjoy cycling with their parents or carer in a secure way. The Duo is an excellent addition to any cycling initiative. It enables the rider at the rear to control the tricycle whilst allowing the front rider to develop their pedalling technique and grow in confidence. The saddles and the handlebars of the Duo can be adjusted over time as the rider grows. The front section can be accessorised with hip supports, footplates and calf supports.

The Duo has a combined max user weight (rider and passenger) of 175Kg. The front rider age range is 7 years to Adult. The Duo has a 7 speed hub gear.

Draisin Plus Bike - £7.00 per hour

£7.00 per hour
£7.00 per hour
The Draisin Plus is a “bike for life” and enables those with limited mobility to participate in cycling with family and friends. This tricycle is carefully balanced in order to make steering and pedalling as easy as possible and it’s suspension system makes it supremely comfortable. The wheelchair unit can be simply disconnected from the drive section of the tricycle for popping into cafes etc. The Draisin Plus has 7 forward gears and can be pedalled backwards for easy manouvering.

The Draisin Plus, as standard, comes with a five-point vest and safety harness, hydraulic disc brakes, lateral guides, head support and footrests. The seat can be adapted with extra lateral supports if required as well as the option of fitting a child’s supportive seating system, extending the rider age range from 4 years to 99 years. The Draisin Plus has a combined max user weight (rider and passenger)of 175Kg New Forest Inclusive Cycling has two Draisin Plus on its fleet.

Cheetah Bike - £7.00 per hour

£7.00 per hour
£7.00 per hour

The Cheetah is a side by side recumbent bike. New Forest Inclusive Cycling has one Cheetah (bike!) on its fleet.

Trike - £4.00 per hour

£4.00 per hour
£4.00 per hour
If you have ever mastered the art of balance on a bicycle (even if it was 20 years ago), don’t hire one of these!

This 24″ Mission Trike is designed for the person who has never been able to ride on two wheels and as such is also ideal for people with certain special needs conditions.

Frame style: Gents / Ladies

Frame size: 17″/43cm


Not only do you get the bike, included in our daily hire are; safety helmets, a route map, rucksack (with toolkit), spare tube & pump and an all-forest back up service. The absolute complete service every time!

Breakdown Cover

The price you pay even offers an mechanical back-up service if you have a technical problem which cannot be solved with the tools supplied!


We also have the facility to deliver bikes locally. Call us now on 01590 6248088 to find out more.

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