Frequently Asked Questions

New Forest Cycle Hire
Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to book or can we just turn up?

We would always recommend booking but during less busy times we can often provide bikes to walk-in customers. Our sister company Country Lanes offers a walk-in service only (no pre bookings) and is also located in the train station car park. Find them in the quirky old railway carriage.

Do you deliver?

We always deliver! But for bike deliveries we need a bit of notice first and the cost will depend on how far you want us to go. We once did Newcastle! We normally have to deliver out of office hours if we can lock the bikes somewhere safe and secure. Deliveries on busy weekends can often be a challenge.

Can I cycle anywhere in the New Forest?

Sorry, No. In order to preserve the special character of the New Forest, cycling is strictly restricted to a network of trails but this amounts to 100 miles so there’s plenty of choice for you. If you are looking for serious mountain biking, you’ve come to the wrong place!

Can I bring my dog?

Yes but we only have a few dog trailers and they sometimes become unavailable at short notice when some mischievous mutt chews or claws its way through the cover.

What are your age restrictions?

We can cater for babies from 9 months (in a child seat) to old timers of any age if they can still get their leg over! We also rent good quality electric bikes that aren’t made from melted down baked bean cans.!

What equipment do you provide?

We offer helmets free of charge and a limited range of gloves but our shop nearby has a great selection of clothing & accessories with all major credit cards accepted!

What should I wear?

Whatever takes your fancy. We have served customers dressed in pirate outfits and mankinis to name but a few. But for practical reasons, we recommend clothing you don’t mind getting dirty and shoes without big heels. We don’t have rainwear for rent but can sell you a jacket from our retail shop.

Do the bikes have bottle holders?

Yes…and No. Some bikes do but we can’t guarantee this. You will get a rucksack to use and again, bottles and cages are available to buy.

Will I see ponies or other cute animals?

This is possibly your main reason for visiting the New Forest! You will almost certainly see some traditional forest animals on one of our trails but please take note that ponies or donkeys have got strong back legs and powerful jaws!

Are tandems easy to ride?

They take some getting used to and we recommend there is a strong and emphatic relationship between pilot and stoker. You will wobble at first but the main points to successful tandem riding (and relationships in general) is good communication and early anticipation of the uphill struggles, so you will be in the correct gear before the struggle starts!

What is your postcode?

Technically, we don’t have one but we have adopted the nearest code! Our hire centre is located on the SOUTH side of Brockenhurst Train Station and the postcode is SO42 7TW but most sat navs will direct you to the car park on the NORTH side. Our retail shop is located on the main A337 road near the level crossing on SO42 7RR.

How do I get to you?

It’s really easy! Brockenhurst train station is on the main Waterloo to Weymouth train line with connections to London at least twice every hour. By road, we are off the main A337 road from Cadnam to Lymington. This is easily accessed from Junction 1 on the M27 and Brockenhhurst is about 8 miles south. But beware of road congestion on Bank Holidays and busy weekends. We recommend you try Junction 2 or 3 and come via Ashurst or even Beaulieu. Check it out on Google Maps before jumping in your car!

Where can I park?

Our hire centre is located in Brockenhurst Train station and parking charges apply from 2.00 per day. Forget about the less than reliable car park ticket machines and use the train ticket machines which can also give you a parking ticket.

Can I rent for less than 1 day?

Yes a partday rate applies after 2pm subject to availability but cannot be booked beforehand. We might be able to offer a partday rate earlier out of season but it’s basically a supply and demand thing!

What do I do if I get a puncture?

Every hire customer is given a rucksack which will contain all the required tools to mend a puncture whilst out on a ride. This prevents you having to cut short your ride having to wait for a member of staff to reach you in the depths of the forest. If you struggle at all, we are always on hand to talk you through the process over the phone.

What do I do if I break my bike?

Can you fix it?!..possibly not…Please use your map or the Forestry Commission waymarkers to locate your position and try to get to the nearest road to wait for help once you have reported the problem to us. We will either come and fix your bike or bring a replacement.

What do I do if I have an accident?

Prevention is better than cure. Please take note of these most `popular’ accidents.

  1. Having a little too much to drink at lunchtime can affect your ability to judge risks!
  2. Forgetting that UK bike brake setup is the opposite to many countries so pulling what you think might be the back brake is actually the front brake and could send you sailing over the bars! Use 60% rear and 40% front down hills.
  3. Attempting stunts that you are either too old for or not equipped with the sufficient skill set to carry out safely!
  4. Riding too fast, and misjudging rough terrain, tight bends, loose gravel, other forest users. Please note, as a cyclist in the New Forest you pretty much have to give way to everyone and everything else!

Are helmets/locks/toolkits included in the cost?

Yes, but only per group rather than per bike. You will get a puncture repair outfit and normally a spare tube.

Do you provide maps?

Yes, we have many routes to choose from depending on your requirements. Please see our map page. We can also lend you a Garmin satnav with routes pre-loaded.

I'm a fair weather cyclist, can I cancel if the weather is bad?

Yes, given 24 hrs notice we can provide a full refund. If you cancel any closer to your booking we can move your booking for no extra cost or provide a refund less a 20% admin surcharge.

Do I collect my hire bikes from your retail shop?

No the hire centre is located a short walk away from the shop down into the Southside of the train station car park. If you have driven, you are better off parking in the train station car park itself.

Do you have toilets or facilities?

Yes, our new centreĀ has toilets including disability friendly and baby changing facilities. We haveĀ basic snacks to buy, cold drinks, ice-creams and a coffee machine.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we offer the following deals on wheels:
Groups of 10 + (not applicable for free delivery)
3 to 4 days = 10%
5 to 7 days = 20%
7 days + 25%
Students, OAP’s 10%
Ask about our buyback option if you want a bike for a longer period

What happens if I'm late collecting our bikes?

If you have paid in advance, then we will keep the bikes for you. If you give us 24 hrs notice, we can transfer your booking to another day or offer a refund less 20% surcharge. Later than this, we may have already turned away other customers and can’t offer a refund. Similarly, if you only have a provisional booking and haven’t turned up or spoken to us by 11am, then we will might have to give your bikes to other customers rather than turn the business away.

What happens if I'm late back?

If we don’t have the keys to our wooden stocks available, then we will interrogate you for reasons of lateness for 36 hours. Or perhaps, just give us a call and let us know how long you will be and whether you have encountered any problems. We are actually quite understanding and will make sure someone stays behind after hours as long as we know where you are.


Please email or call 01590 624808 for other queries. During the morning of a busy day, we sometimes cannot answer the phone but will check messages at the earliest opportunity. This might be frustrating for you but 90% of our arrivals generally turn up between 10am and 12pm and it can be very intense on a busy day!